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San Jose Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic Coating Adds Quality Protection to Your Vehicle and Retains Value

Are you looking to shield your vehicle from common road dangers and outside elements? Ceramic coating provides the best protective enhancements to your paint, allowing you to drive your vehicle and resist dirt buildup, UV rays, bird droppings, and more! Contact us today to get a quote for your vehicle.

We use Legend Ceramic Coating to coat your car. P&S Detail products are well-known in the industry for their quality formulas. Since 1999, Legend is known to be a premier manufacturer and distributor of paint protection products. This type of protection lasts not weeks or months, but for years.

Legend Ceramic Coating creates an extremely strong barrier of shielding to your paint. This can also be applied to hard plastics, trim, and glass for further enhancement. The results are a deeper and glossier finish, combined with a more durable layer of protection.

The formula cures and forms a solid molecular barrier that can protect your vehicle's paint for years. Commonly applied to paint, clear coat, glass, plastic, wheels, rubber trim, and more! After this product is applied, you will notice hydrophobic effects where water beads up when hitting the surface, making it much easier to drive in the rain. Not only that, your paint will resist buildup of dirt, grime, and will stand up to chemicals, corrosion, and harmful UV rays.

Wheel Ceramic Coating San Jose California

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Protects Your Vehicle

Makes Washing Easier

Chemical and UV Resistant

Rich Glossy Finish

Long Lasting

Hydrophobic Effects

Ceramic coating your car's paint or even your wheels provide the best protection while on the road. Nor Bay Mobile is a premium ceramic coating installer located throughout the San Jose area and surrounding locations.

Protect Your Vehicle

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